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 Leaf jutsus

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PostSubject: Leaf jutsus   Mon Jun 02, 2008 4:53 pm

Fireball jutsu: You spit a ball of fire at your opponent.

Barrage of Lions: you kick your opponent into the air, then hit them several times, knocking them back into the ground. NOt technically a Jutsu, just a dubbed attack.

Leaf whirlwind: a simple leg kick to trip your opponent.

Release: release a not so powerful genjutsu

Fire clones : Clones created from fire, can move, attack etc (max 8 ) if destroyed by hand to hand as in a puch etc when it disappears it burns the users hand etc

Shadow Shuriken Technique : a technique that uses 2 windmill shuriken , throws them at opponent but hides a shuriken in shadow of the other surprising opponent

FireWall : User focuses chakra in mouth and releases it in a form of a small wall to cover themselves (can only take minor hits)

Fire Spikes : user focuses chakra in mouth n releases it as spikes (max 8 at once)

Chuunin Jutsu List

Earth style: earth dragon bullet: earth raises up and forms into a dragon and flys toward your opponent.

Fire style: fire dragon bullet: a dragon of fire forms and flys at your opponent.

Fire style: dragon fire jutsu: fire shoots at your opponent at high speeds.

Fire style: Great fireball jutsu: an improved version of the fireball jutsu. This does more damage and is larger.

Fire style: fire prison: surrounding fire grabs your opponent and holds them still, while giving them third degree burns.

Leaf hurricane: a double kick. You first swing your left leg at your opponent, and then follow through and hit with your right.

1000 years of death: you poke your opponent in the butt, causing them to freak out and get diarhea!

Earth style: head hunter jutsu: you go under the ground and pull your opponent under, too, leaving only their HEAD above the ground.

Body flicker technique: This jutsu is used to move short distances (under a mile) instantly. There are many variants of this technique, one for every element. This is not teleportation. In truth, it is feeding Chakra into the nervous system to increase your reflexes and speed. ?

Shadow clone shuriken: you throw one shuriken at your opponent and it turns into a hundred shuriken!

Chidori: collecting extremely large amounts of chakra in your hand, you can make it visible and use it for destructive purposes.(max 3 times a day)

Jounin Jutsu List
Chidori Nagashi - a chidori but through the whole body and releases outwards

Shadow clone jutsu: you make anywhere from 1-500 clones of yourself. They are solid and can do damage against an enemy.

Earth style: earth wall: a large slab of earth comes up and makes a wall.

Ultimate Fireball : jst like great fireball but much larger and more powerful

Fire style: pheonix flower jutsu: You shoot multiple balls of fire at your opponent.

Burning Ash Accumulation : is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Fire Element. After forming the needed handseals, u will expel an ash from his mouth. This large cloud begin to envelope your foe and when u clicks your teeth, the cloud will ignite in an explosion.

Great clone explosion: you make a shadow clone explode while in close-quaters combat with an enemie.

Deamonic illusion: mirror heaven and earth change: when your opponent uses a low level genjutsu on you, you can reverse it back onto them!

Rakiri: a more powerful version of chidori. called lightning edge, it can split lightning, and is much faster. However, it drains much more Chakra.(max 5 times a day)

Five elements seal: place this seal on top of another seal, to strengthen it.

Rasengan: a ball of wind chakra forms in your hand. It is used for destructive purposes.

Oodama Rasengan - creates a larger more powerful rasengan

Water style : black rain : a jutsu that makes it rain oil over your opponent, normally used before a fire jutsu for maximum effect

Water style: Water Dragon jutsu : The ability to summon a large dragon from water to attack the opponent.

Water style: giant water vortex: a large vortex of water drowns your opponent

Summoning Technique:The users signs a blood contract with the animal summoning, then with the correct seals they can summon the animal. There are many kinds of creatures that can be summoned, Snakes, Toads, Slugs, Monkeys, Dogs, Turtles, Spiders.

Kage Jutsu List

Dark Swamp: This jutsu creats a giant pit of mud. It can be used to slow down and trap enemies.

Infinite Darkness: This genjutsu creates the illusion of darkness around the person it is used on. The user can see them self, clones of themselves, and their own jutsu.

Mud Dragon Bomb: A dragon made of mud fires mud bombs at an enemy.

Needle Jizo: This jutsu grows hair into a blanket of needles that will block most physical attacks.

Blazing Rasengan: A red Rasengan very strong

Chou Oodama Rasengan : Chou Oodama Rasengan is a Ninjutsu technique used by the Sannin Jiraiya. requires immense chakra control, it is a giant two handed version of rasengan meaning it has a lot more power but takes a lot more out of u to use it (max once in battle)

Heaven's Compass North Strike : user focuses fire chakra into them and releases it all at once in the form of 1-800 fire needles shooting in all directions

Revive: The user can revive peoples, but the user needs minimum 50 more chakra than the person that get's revived

Jutsus that only leaf kage can learn

Flashstep - The fourths technique that he can move almost instantly
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Leaf jutsus
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